"War Horse"

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We are Copperfox


"Copperfox has the rather distinct and uncommon genre blend of indie rock and alternative. The combination makes for music as dark and ethereal as the forests of Oregon; rhythm grounded in crisp drums and brittle clean guitar while twangy slide guitar creeps in and out of nowhere. All four of From the Den's tracks share a level of intricate songcraft, which only strengthens their wilderness appeal. Add in a mix that gives everything room to breathe (plus a little bit of reverb) and it makes for immersing music." -

Photos by Joey Ciccoline.

Vocals / Lisa Garcia
Guitar / Rory Mohon
Bass / Andrew Bottini
Keys, Guitar / Stephanie Kincheloe




by Copperfox

Haunts is a departure and maturation for Copperfox. This EP is a further exploration of their sound that sees them dive into indie dream-pop and over to darkwave synth remixes.

Copperfox-Feel in the void (live)



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